Top 2: Equestrian Dating-

2The Right Time for Equesrian Dating Starts Here

Have you seen how depressing it is to date someone you do not share common values or interests with? That may effect the longevity of your marriage. It is pleasing to find the perfect match, someone with equestrian interests as you do. It is not easy though to find that perfect match by hunting around malls or any other place. Therefore, come to our site for equestrian dating.e

When you find a partner who shares equestrian passion with you, the longevity of your equestrian you have and can be enhanced. You will have perfect time together exploring the passion you have and can have a ride together. The relationship will be a success. Therefore, our equestrian dating site offers you the opportunity to meet equestrian singles who also looking for love like you do.

How does our site offer you equestrian dating service:

The site is dedicated for horse lovers dating.Therefore, you will find all the tools that enable you to find the perfect match.There is a free membership that allows you sign up for a free account to start enjoying equine online dating. With this membership you are given freedom to view other members, send the private message to other members, flirt with them, and many more. You just get to the site and create a detailed profile for the other members to see it. Support your profile with photos hence the photo speaks more than a text.

By creating a profile , you will one-step closer a hub of horse lovers.In the site, there are chat rooms to discuss with members.The pictures posted by other members may be viewed by browsing the user directory.

How much do it cost to join our equestrian dating site?

With our free membership,you get the privilege to some features to start connecting with people.The premium membership also has more features to the site. Nonetheless, both membership give you a perfect match.You can search for equestrian singles on the site;With a 100% free basic membership, you can be on your way to have a long-lasting marriage.

Why choose our site for equestrian dating service?

Our equestrian dating site have many features.You get the opportunity to explore the profiles,send instant messages,find out who viewed your profile, and chat with other horse lovers.Equine dating has never been so easy with this dating service.People are finding themselves perfect soul mates who share the love of horses with them.

To boost your chances of having a long-term relationship,visit our site to find many singles like you.Get connected with them through chats and private messages.Our equestrian network helps to narrow your focus when seeking a partner with equestrian passion.Whether you are a trainer of horses,rider, or just have a general love for horses,the site can find you someone who has that same passion.We are leading equestrian dating site.





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Top : The Horse lovers at one place

QQ截图20140404124451Can love happen online? In present times, it is  a bit difficult for anyone to believe in such possibilities, but affirms itself as one such website where you can get all the answers. As the name of the website suggests, the love for the horses is the basis of finding a friend, partner or date. It is the love for horses that attracts equestrian singles and makes them come together and become riding buddies. The website looks no different to other such websites in terms of site presentation as it is not really striking in appearance as well.However, as you begin to read about its features, you understand that it is quite different from the others. The website aims to unite the horse lovers and enthusiasts worldwide and are able to do so as well.

Here, you can place ads about selling or buying of horses, you can chat with other friends who share the same interests, horse love for one. You can also chat with other horse lovers through the chat services it offers. There is a tab on the website of messages boards where you may put up a topic to discuss, announce about the weddings and engagements, arrange a get together and do many more things among them. Also, there is an event tab where you can see all the events related to horse rides and could also become a part of it.

The seriousness of the website is observed when you get to know about the security it provides to your privacy. The information related to you, also the sensitive ones(like credit card number) is protected by best software in the industry-SSL. The website protects these information offline too as these information are restricted in the offices and only those employers have access to the information who are granted access to it. The website offers off free membership but it is of no use as you may only post two photos and have limited access to the community. For unlimited access, you have to become the premium   member by paying money for one month, six months or a year. The amounts for the same are $19.95 , $34.95, $42.95 respectively. They all are one time time payments.

As a first time visitor of this website, you might not be attracted by its look. You need to give some more time to yourself in understanding about its features. You can, for once, give a try as a cowgirl or cowboy might be waiting to date you.


 Click Here to Visit 



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I Want To Date an Equestrian Boy

Equestrian singles that are looking to mingle know exactly what they are looking for. Online dating 2014 can be a bit tricky, but makes it easier that ever to find the equestrian boy of your dreams.Equestrian dating is for people that take a laid back approach to life and know what really is important. Country singles are now easy to find online and online dating is the best way to find your cowboy.


Equestrian dating is not for everyone, but if you are comfortable in the outdoors and have a love affair with horses,it might just be for you.Finding a good old country boy is made possible with your very own equestrian cupid.Now you can simply go online and begin the journey of finding your match.It can be difficult to find cowgirls dating sites that really work,but you will be a believer in before you know it.

2,Find Your Riding Partner

The key to successful relationship is finding someone with matching interests. Equestrian singles need to find others that share some passions and interests. Finding the right equestrian boy can be easy as easy as finding a new riding partner on the online dating site.You can take the new relationship that blossoms to any level that you want.The best part is that you will find cowboys that have the same exceptions and beliefs as you. This country western dating site is designed for cowgirls and cowboys dating of all ages.No one is too old to find their own equestrian boy.

3,Southern Charm

All equestrian boys are full of that southern charms that sweeps any cowgirl off her feet. They make great riding partners, dancing buddies and lifelong friends. Who knows, you might even find an equestrian guy that is your love match. The possibilities are endless and you even find an equestrian guy that is your love match. The possibilities are endless and you will have so much fun getting to know the many equestrian guys that are online.

4,Old Fashion and Appealing

Most equestrian boys treat cowgirls like ladies and make them feel incredibly special. You will be impressed by bow much attention they pay you. If you are looking for a gentlemen that knows how to make it in the outdoors, you have to log onto today. Now you can be one step closer to finding your equestrian boy that makes your knees weak.



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Dating Site Specifically for Equestrian Singles
Website conduct survey to know more about dating ideas and preferences

USA, 4 April 2014: When it comes to looking for the right life partner there are a number of resources available online. A good dating website can be one such resource where one can get to know like-minded people. This website is one such dating site that has been especially launched to bring together horse lovers. This equestrian dating site has all the provisions to help equestrian lovers get to know one another and find that someone special.

The website says, “The best, largest and most effective dating site for single horse lovers and friends in the world! EquestrianCupid is an exclusive community for cowboys & cowgirls and equestrian singles to meet horseback riding enthusiasts, discover uncharted trails, pursue the country lifestyle, and locate the best riding areas.”

Recently this website has conducted a survey among its members; the topic of the survey was the dating ideas and preferences of its members. Of all the 1,000 members surveyed, 35% said they’d prefer to go on a date with someone on weekdays and if everything goes well, they can ride horses together at the weekend. They are usually busy during weekdays and simply want a relaxing weekend.

When asked about the type of people they would be interested in 64% said they really hope to find cowboys or cowgirls because that way they can share the same interest, an equestrian lifestyle. 30% considered it “not important” because for them horse riding is just a hobby and everything doesn’t have to revolve around it. The rest (only 6%) said they don’t wish to date someone who’s also equestrian lovers. The reasons range from “I don’t want our time together to be all about horse” to “I have buddies with whom I can spend my spare time. I won’t want to take my date with me because she might be the only female there”.

All in all, this is a great place to get to know equestrian lovers. All one has to do is set up their profile (free of cost) and immediately start searching for interesting people. People can share their ideas and opinions through the blog and discussion forums available here. Apart from that all the regular surveys conducted will help members understand themselves and others better. For more information and to become a member visit .

About Website
This is an online dating community specially designed for people who are equestrian lovers. Here horse lovers can meet and get to know other like-minded people


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Five Moved Stories Between Horses and Horse Owners

There are always various of moving things, such as: married, fatherhood, survivor or even such a little action. But for me as a horse lover, what really touched me is the emotion between horses and humans.

For some people: love is luxury and LV is a necessity. But for a horse lover: the relationship between them and their horse is the necessities of life and LV is a luxury. In their view, LV is expensive and they may not have the LV anywhere and anytime, however, the relationship between them and their horses can be continued and it will reserve long. There are also many moving moment because of their love of horses. Let us have a look how much they love horses:

#1: Amberley Snyder’s Ride,

Many of you must have heard her story and moved by her spirit.In January of zo10 Amberley was driving to the National Western Stock Show in Colorado when she was involved in a rollover can accident leaving her paralyzed from the waist down.Doctors told her she would never have any chance of recovery and that her days of rodeo were over.However, a year and a half later, she fighted out she can barrel race once again using a seatbalt, Velcro and another strap to hold her in place.Now she can compete in barrel racing and roping.


#2: This is a truly story which involved a woman, a horse and a rescue in Australia.

A woman’s horses suck deep into the thick mud of AvalonBeach in Geelong, Victoria when she was riding with her daughter in afternoon.Her horses was saved after three hours battling.


#3: What’s nice, Niscar was taken into house by his owener.


#4: Horse’s final goodbye: kisses for a dying horseman.


#5: Two terrified horses are saved from drawing in a frozen lake.

Two horses in Missouri will live to neigh another day thanks to two heroic freighters who rescued the animals from a frozen lake after they’d fallen thorough

the ice.







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How to date with Equestrian Singles if I am non-equestrian

Q: I am not a real person who real lovers equestrian lifestyle, But I love animals which including horses. As for me, I want to date a serious equestrian man and I have tried to date a partner but he refused. What should I do? By the way, I am a shy person.

A: dear, most of them are local horse lovers. This should be attributed to their environment. So this is not you. You don’t need to worry.

It’s very simple. We live in a melting pot society.Every culture can be divided into three categories: like, not like, or between like and not like. When a man come into contact a woman who have the same passions with themselves, they are always trying to show up their unique features aim to attract partners’ attention, rather than other women gawking at him. This is also our website advantage which specially provided for horseback riders. There are also some other factors such as: trust. I believe that all members are willing to communicate with a trust-person rather than non-trust. In my opinion, you can try to have a frank conversation and communicate with him in honest. Last, don’t be shy, just have a try!



Have a good luck !

Best wishes.

Laura M

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Horse Photos

This album is set up only for your horses. Do you think that your horses are beautiful? So contact with us to let’s make a fashion show only for your horses.

Show your horses Now !

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Equestrian Fashion Show

Do you love horse? Do you often take photos with your horse/horses?

So what are you waiting for? Come and join with us to show you and your horse/horses !

Show you and your horse/horses !

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